poetry/fiction/creative nonfiction 

  • "Han" in Alexandria Quarterly (Alexandria Quarterly Press) - Spring 2018 

  • "Candlelight" in The Rising Phoenix Review (Rising Phoenix Press) - Winter 2018  

  • "Ankh" in The Writer's Slate (The Writing Conference, Inc.) - Winter 2018  

  • "Underwater Search" in Northridge Review (California State University, Northridge) - Winter 2017 

  • "Decades-old Candlelight" in RABBIT: a journal for nonfiction poetry (RMIT University & Nonfiction Lab) - Fall 2017

  • "Another Morning" in The Fourth River (Chatham University) - Fall 2017 

  • "Candlelight" in Rambutan Literary - Fall 2017 

  • "Leftovers" in Words Dance (Words Dance Publishing) - Fall 2017 

  • The 38th Parallel” in Watershed Review (California State University, Chico) - Fall 2017

  • Atonement” in Watershed Review (California State University, Chico) - Fall 2017

  • "Chuseok" in The Vignette Review - Fall 2017

  • How Candlelight Was Invented” in Red Weather (Minnesota State University Moorhead) - Fall 2017

  • "Candlelight/촛불"in Skipping Stones - Fall 2017

  • “Lost in Translation: Han” in Hawai’i Review (University of Hawai'i at Mānoa) - Fall 2017

  • “Depression’s Shoes” in Duende (Goddard College) - Fall 2017

  • April 16th, 2014” in Emerald Coast Review (West Florida Literary Federation) - Summer 2017

  • "Golden Fields" in Burningword Literary Journal - July 2017

  • "Golden Fleece" in Teen Ink Print Magazine - Spring 2017

  • "Ankh" in Aerie International - Spring 2017

  • "Candlelight" in Aerie International - Spring 2017

  • "Daydreaming" in Best of Kindness 2017 Anthology (Origami Poems Project) - Spring 2017  

  • "The Learner" in di-vêrsé-city Youth Anthology (Austin International Poetry Festival) - Spring 2017  

  • "Twinkle" in Teen Ink Print MagazineJanuary 2017

  • Excerpt from Lost Essence in The Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop Anthology: Ascension - July 2016

  • Excerpt from "Sharing of Jeong" in Iowa Young Writers' Studio Session 1 2016 Anthology - June 2016 

  • Sixth Grade Stories from Young Hoon (Create Space) - August 2012 





  • Featured in The Fourth River (Chatham University) - Winter 2017 

  • Featured in Monthly Spotlight in Duende - Winter 2017

  • Interview with Write the World - Winter 2017 

    • "I actually visited Egypt during my sixth grade year. After touring the temple in Luxor, I became really interested in the hieroglyph “ankh,” which symbolizes life and eternity. There are so many aspects about Egypt—that go beyond photographs and documentaries about the pyramids and the Nile—that I became aware of only after visiting the country. I wanted to convey this revelation through 'Ankh'." (Write the World

  • Review of "Ankh" in Write the World - Winter 2017 

    • "This is a piece that delivers on many levels. It’s a travel guide of Egypt, and the journey of a character. I see what the narrator sees because Soo Young’s descriptions are concrete and concise. I can imagine the high-heeled woman taking photographs in the sand dunes. I can feel the dusty smooth surface of the walls...And the themes of this piece are subtly and confidently conveyed. History is a huge place. But the beauty of this piece is that we’re taken into the small moments of it." (Guest Judge, YA Author Cath Crowley) 

  • Interview with Aerie International - Spring 2017

    • "As a student, there’s only so much that I can do to partake in protests against political corruption and I may not be physically involved in them. But I am an active participant in another sense--I try to create avenues in my own way, such as through my creative and journalistic writing. There are different ways of thinking about participation, and mine is more discursive in nature." (Aerie International

  • Review of Sixth Grade Stories from Young Hoon in Korea JoongAng Daily - September 18, 2012

    • "A sixth-grader at prestigious Young Hoon Elementary School, Yun Soo-young says she wanted to create stories with humor and fondness based on the experiences of children in Korea. She also wished to reveal her critical perception of the world, which she believed might be shared by her friends as well, through the book." (Korea JoongAng Daily